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TSPSC 2016 Notification, Exam Dates Circular Information

TSPSC brings in cheer on the eve of New Year- (TSPSC notification- Dec 31, 2016) by bringing the TSPSC Notification & announcing the exam dates.

It couldn’t get better for thousands of government job aspirants with the Telangana Government announcing recruitment to 796 (432 group 2) vacancies in all. As per the commissions notification today, the TSPSC exam will be conducted on April 24-25th of 2016 and intends to fill vacant posts of the following positions

Post Number of Vacancies
Assistant commercial tax officers 110
Sub inspector - prohibition and excise 220
Executive officer of Panchayat Raj 67
Municipal commissioner 19
agricultural extension officers 311

Those who are looking to apply may do so by registering themselves for the TSPSC exams online from today (Dec 31st, 2015) to Feb 19, 2016.The long awaited TSPSC announcement comes as a relief for several unemployed youth in the state of Telangana. All the excitement behind this piece of news goes to prove that Government jobs still continue to be a favourite amongst the youth of our country.  A Government job doesn’t offer swanky offices, exponential growth or big fat salaries, but what it does offer are the more ‘valued’ stability, security, fixed holidays, pensions and a host of other benefits. In addition, Government jobs also garner huge respect in society as they are difficult to get in the first place! The latest evidence of the tough job market is that of the recent case in the country’s most populous state of Uttar Pradesh, where 2.3 million people applied for 368 low ranking positions in the state government. That is an average of 6250 applicants for every vacancy! Now that’s stiff competition! A prominent politician recently called out to the talented youth of the country ‘to not waste time over securing government jobs, but to rather become self employed and employ other youth’ thereby helping the nation building process.  More recently, on the 29th of December, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the government was looking at ‘creating job creators and not job seekers’.  Self employment is the latest buzz word. Talk to start-up founders and they say in chorus- ‘Self employment isn’t just another job; it is a way of life’.  Self reliance, being your own boss, respect in society, are just some of the advantages of being self employed. Self employment, especially in the small industries sector, is finding major takers in both rural and urban India.   With youth employment being one of the biggest problems we face in the country, a job revolution is the need of the hour. With 65% of India’s population aged less than 35, no other country has the potential to create jobs like we can. For more information on TSPSC notification- Click here For information on Self Employment schemes- Click here  


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