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Top 8 Indian cities for Higher Education

You’re at the threshold of your professional life and it’s time to pick an university/college for your dream course. Based on thorough research on the educational scene of various Indian cities, we’ve come up with this guide that might help you ease the hunt for your study destination!
#1. Bengaluru
Agreeably a cynosure for herds of students wanting to build a career in software or IT, Bengaluru is India’s most high-tech industrial centre. The city is blessed with a cool and pleasant climate round the year and is home to most of our tech brands. Bengaluru is abuzz with youngsters with incredible technological acumen, making it one of the most bankable locations for foreign tech giants.
Top educational institutes: Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Indian Institute of Management (IIM), International Institute of Information Technology, Garden city College etc.

The capital city is teeming with top notch colleges and universities. It produces some of the best talent of the nation. Allied by satellite towns such as Noida and Gurgaon, Delhi is one of the fastest growing metropolitans in the world in every aspect. With its premier colleges having the craziest cutoffs in the subcontinent, Delhi is evidently the pick of the brightest of students.
Top Institutes: University of Delhi, St. Stephen’s College, IIT Delhi, Lady Shri Ram College.

#3. Mumbai
Nicknamed the ‘city of dreams’, Mumbai is one of the most populous and the wealthiest Indian city. Owing to its strategic location off the Arabian Sea, it has been a prime centre for trade for centuries and has developed into a prosperous market. Its cushy hangout spots and picturesque beaches make Mumbai a favorite among young students. Besides academics, thousands of youngsters flock to Mumbai for a career in showbiz.
Top Institutes: IIT Bombay, Institute of Hotel Management Mumbai, Xavier Institute of Communication, Wilson College.

#4. Bhubaneswar
While a lot of people may still tag it as ‘small town’, the capital of Odisha has evolved as one of the most brilliantly planned cities in India and has adequate potential to emerge as one of the leading industrial hubs. It has been a cradle to many universities and colleges in the past decade making the city a popular educational hub. The transport costs within the city not being very pocket friendly pushes Bhubaneswar a few points down the list, but it is surely a great place to be in, especially for engineering and MBA aspirants.
Top Institutes: KIIT University, Utkal University, IIT Bhubaneshwar, XIMB, ITER.

#5. Pune
A three-hour drive from the financial capital, Pune has state of the art institutions providing higher education in many diverse arenas. Once called ‘The Oxford of the East’ by Jawaharlal Nehru, Pune is an ideal student town! It boasts of a growing industrial hub, pleasant climate and has also been voted as one of the safest cities in India. All this and more makes Pune one of the most livable cities in India.
Top Institutes: Symbiosis Institute of Business Management/Mass Communication, ILS Law College, Film & Television Institute of India Wadia College, Fergusson College.

#6. Kolkata
Although Kolkata has recently been under a lot of criticism for the excessive involvement of students into politics, Kolkata is a proud home to many a heritage institution, and also quite a few modern ones. The city of joy, on its journey towards a globalization, has its age old charm intact, which lacks in other metros in the country. Kolkata has also been a favorite for its highly affordable and available food in every nook and corner.
Top Institutes: Presidency University, Indian Institute of Management Calcutta, Scottish Church College, Institute of Hotel Management Kolkata.

#7. Chennai
The southern metropolitan has always been high on technical education and talent. Chennai has produced a large number of Indian scholars, scientists and technocrats. It has been found that the fees of the institutions in Chennai are quite economical in nature. While career opportunities are immense here, youngsters may find Chennai a bit conservative in its approach.
Top Institutes: IIT Madras, Loyola College, Asian College of Journalism.

#8. Kota
Kota has always been the prime destination for students from all over the country to prepare for the most coveted entrance examinations like IIT JEE, AIPMT, AIIMS, AIEEE(JEE Mains) etc. Interestingly, this small town in Rajasthan presently has a coaching industry worth 300 crore. Besides providing the top coaching facilities, it is also coming up with a number of educational institutions.
Top Institutes: University of Kota, Rajasthan Technical University, and a number of medical and engineering colleges.


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