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Boards ahoy!

Come March, and the air is abuzz with the hustle bustle of board exams! While last minute revisions are on, this is the time when even the forever last bencher suddenly becomes a no-nonsense studious brat, hoarding reference books and sample question papers. Here are some of the ‘oh so relatable’ situations every board examinee goes through!

#1. The countdown

Not 10 days before, but for youngsters taking the first major examination of their lives, the countdown begins a month in advance. You first count the number of weeks to go, then days, and finally the anxiety reaches its peak when it comes down to hours!

#2. That resented, untouched chapter!

There’s always a chapter in the syllabus which we all avoid throughout the year, pledging to get it done sometime before the final interlude. Needless to say, we find ourselves still avoiding the same chapter until the night before. The last few hours of revision hardly help and we end up making a mess of the bumper question from that topic. Rings a bell, doesn’t it?

#3. That timetable we all make

Each one of us prepares a study schedule prior to board exams and follows it religiously for a day or so! But then, Mother Nature starts pampering us all over again with her gifts of laziness and sleep, rendering the timetable vestigial once and forever! Period.

#4. The Mess all around

Our beds, bookshelves, study table- in fact the entire room becomes a mess during these few days. A look around the room and all you see is unarranged heaps of books, books and books, with a sheet or two tucked here and there. You seem to have no idea what is where, and in your search for a particular notebook, your study table becomes a messier heap!

#5. The Phone conversations

This is the time when you’ll notice that your spicy, mushy, giggly, sarcastic and all other types of conversations suddenly turning academic! Those few days, all you tend to talk about is doubts, important questions, syllabi and other boring stuff. But this lasts only till the exams do and in no time, you’re back in form again!

#6. Entrance examinations!

Don’t we all have that friend who frets about a particular entrance exam and reminds you every day how important the exam is, to him or her? Seriously, how do people even think of cracking another huge examination when we already have a tough time tackling boards!

#7. The post exam bucket list
Agreeably, this is the best part! Scientifically, planning to do things of your interest post exams will actually motivate you to perform with the best of your abilities. Plan to learn a new sport or a new language, a trip with family and friends or make a note of the movies to watch- do prepare a to-do list to keep yourself engaged after you’re done with your boards.

#8. The ‘what next’ factor.

While we are immersed in board preparations, there’s a good part of our brain that thinks about the future. In case you have already decided upon your aim, put in your hundred percent. For those who still have no clue, do not fret; get help. Find out your interests, consult a career counselor and of course, research well about a prospective career that you’re considering. Do not simply go wherever the herd leads you.

Whatever you do or plan to do, don’t lose your mind. And yes, keep negativity at bay. All the best !

Credits: Sanchari Pait
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