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11 types of people we find in an exam hall!

No matter how stressful or easy the exam might seem, it is natural to get distracted and have a good laugh when we come across these 11 types of people in the examination hall.

1.The Late comers

They typically arrive several minutes after the question papers have been distributed and come up with the funniest excuses while the invigilator gives them the evil stare.

2. The Scanners

These people remind us of Rajinikanth from the movie Robot. They try to soak in as much knowledge as they can in the last 5 minutes.
“Hey! I’ll just try to remember the subtitles. I will manage the rest on my own.” kind of people.

3. The Carefree

When everyone else is busy double checking if they have their calculator, compass, extra pens all safe in their kit before they leave for the exam hall, these people arrive with just a pen, (sometimes cap less) and appear as cool as a cucumber!

4. The ‘Snake Charmers’

These people make the weirdest sounds to get the neighbour’s attention. “Psssst. Pssssss-psssst. Hey you look at me.” Strangely, they're audible to everyone in the exam hall except the invigilator.

5. The ‘Excited to make an Exit’

These people answer the paper for 10 minutes and start giving the ‘hey when can I leave’ look from two hours before the exam ends. Their answer sheets probably even defy gravity!

6. The Confused

When the others in the exam hall work on their calculators and compasses or raise their hands for a graph, these people will start wondering why the others are using the instruments in the first place, or if there’s a question at all that needs a graphical representation.
Friend: “Bro, did you do the graph?”
“There was a graph?”
Friend: “Yeah, question 8.”
“There was a question 8?”

7. The Additional sheets lovers

Usually the first benchers. When the others are busy figuring out ways to fill up their answer booklets, these people raise their hands for additionals! Their answer sheets pose serious health hazards to other students, excessive sweating for example!

8. The Newton of answers

These people have little or no knowledge of the subject. The examination hall is their lab and there’s no dearth to their last minute inventions.

9. The Last minute fighters

The inner Shakespeare comes alive in the last 30 minutes. They typically start writing when the others begin to leave the hall.

10. The Studiously Secretive

Students Envy,Teachers Pride! Hated by all and when approached for help are known to get highly offended or pretend deaf!

11. The Saviours

These people give last minute lectures on the most important concepts and save everyone’s day. Dont we all love them?

Which one are you?

Credits: Aparna Vadlamani
Images: Google Images


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