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Scientists Face-off on Science Kombat

If Pythagoras equations and E=MC2 have haunted you back in school, then it’s about time you took some revenge! Wait. How about having Charles Darwin do that for you? Or even better, pit Einstein against Pythagoras? No, we aren’t blabbering; we are talking about this super cool game- Science Kombat by the Superinteressante magazine that is having science nerds going crazy!

This game by Pixel Art animation allows you to play as Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking, Marie Curie, Isaac Newton, Pythagoras or Nikola Tesla. Apart from being armed with basic attacks, each scientist has a set of special moves that are related to their field of expertise. For example, Charles Darwin can evolve, Madam Curie has powers of radium, Isaac Newton can drop apples on peoples head ( does that even hurt??) and we totally love Pythagoras who can smack his opponent down with some kick ass right angle punches!

Since science really can’t see eye to eye with religion, all the scientists battle it out to take on the boss, Divinity (who has special powers of Lord Ganesh-Multiple hands and a solid trunk!) The game may seem a little childish, but it is still worth a few minutes of your time. It’s not very often that you get to see Tesla blasting Newton with bolts of electricity!! We can’t wait for the game to be available on mobile platforms, which we understand is going to be real soon.

Give this game a go right here- –Click here


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