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12 Things you never want to say to a Book lover!
If you are a book lover then it’s more likely that you’ve been through this! At least most of it!

1. "You're reading it again? Didn't you read that already?"-

To quote Oscar Wilde- If one cannot enjoy reading a book over and over again, there is no use in reading it at all! If you are still struggling to understand what that just meant, here- Just like you like watching those movies (mostly crappy) over and over again, yeah this is like that, only better!

2."What are you going to do with ALL THESE BOOKS?!?!"-

You can never have too many books! Its not having enough space that is the real problem

3."I hate reading!-

You know the boy/girl your parents warned you about. Yeah this is him/her!

4."I lost that book you loaned me "-

Prepare to DIE!

5.“I never read the book. But I heard the movie was better”-

Movies are great, but they just don’t have the same inclusion as the book. So yeah, the book is always better, PERIOD!

6.“I didn’t know I had to use a bookmark!”-

Dog eared pages make us see red, grey, every color!! Don’t do that ever- You risk being dumped, dropped even punched!

7.“Why don’t you buy yourself a Kindle?”-

As much as we appreciate technology, there is nothing that makes reading more pleasurable than a book.

8.“Is Reading your only hobby?”-

Reading is a completely legit and interesting thing to do with your time. It’s actually the coolest hobby ever!!

9.“What is your favourite book?” -

Ask this question only when you want an answer in uh, huh and duh’s!

10. “Did you just smell your book?!”-

Yes, we smell new books, old musty books, even kiss books and love the way the feel in our hands!! If only someone would bottle them up..

11.“Get a Life!”-

Just so you know, we readers don’t have ‘a’ life, we choose to have many!

12.“Time to put the book down”-

Excuse me?? Book lovers don’t think there is any activity that deserves such importance! (not even attending to natures call- that’s why some of us, err, actually most of us, carry them with us in there too!!)

Have you been told anything else? Do share with us!


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