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Types of Procrastinators

Research suggests that 85% of college students procrastinate, especially when it has to do with their course work. In fact procrastination is something that everyone struggles with. We say you should blame it on Science. Procrastination is a battle between our limbic system (the unconscious and automatic part of the brain that makes you pull away your hand from fire or from any other harm) and the prefrontal cortex (the voice of reason and the planner)

When you are confronted with an activity that you don’t like to do, your limbic system and your prefrontal cortex fight each other. More often than not, (in serial procrastinators) it’s the limbic system that wins. That’s when you decide to leave for tomorrow what you can do today. Your brain is just wired that way!

Procrastinators of course come in all shapes and sizes! Good thing for you, we have a list of 5 types!

1. The Dreamer:

These kinds of Procrastinators think before they do! Only, that they think a little too much! Abstract thoughts are more pleasant to think about than real life activities that need to be done!

2. The Obsessive List maker:

List making is good. As long you just don’t stop at making it! These procrastinators find it difficult to begin a task because the thought of getting every detail on the list is so overwhelming.

3. The Side Tracker:

The kinds who needs to work on something for tomorrow , but then just got the greatest idea for this other thing that needs to go out next week!

4. The Thrill-Seeker:

These procrastinators work best under pressure! They usually procrastinate to get a rush from doing things at the last minute.

5. The Timeinator:
These procrastinators usually start with the ambition to study/work at a reasonable time. It's 11 a.m. and they have nothing but time and good intentions, so they give themselves another 30 minutes to start exactly at 11:30. They spend 37 minutes on the phone or elsewhere, and who starts at 11:37 anyway? So 11:45 it is. They eat a little snack and its 11.53. We don’t need to go through the chain of events do we?

So which one are you?


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