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5 Types of Engineers!
Engineers are a strange breed! Good thing is that we have a list for the kinds that you are likely to find in your college/workplace!

1.The Antisocial:

– This common breed of engineer tends to keep to him or herself and is rarely seen outside of the academic or work environment. When confronted in their natural environment, they stick to their class and avoid any interaction with others. They are typically known on a first name basis and can hardly boast of a decent wardrobe!

2.The Genius:

Usually of some South Indian descent, but not always, this breed of engineer is a superior breed and is commonly looked upon as the finest specimen among all engineers. An example of this engineer is the individual who helped you understand your homework during your semester wanted nothing to do with you during the exams! Survival of the fittest was never more prevalent when dealing with the Genius Engineer.

3.The Sociable:

An uncommon breed- The Social Engineer can interact with different sects with absolute ease and often is the center of any activity. They do not have the superior intellect of the Genius Engineer, but due to their ability to adapt and connect, are often successful in their pursuits. An example of this engineer is your boss at your software firm, the group leader of a senior project or that person who is super studious yet seems to still have a social life to talk about constantly.

4.The Nerd:

This slightly less common breed of engineer can be outgoing and interact with other species, but tends to drive less similar breeds away. They form awkward groups who in numbers are strong yet still cannot manage to attract the massive numbers of the Social Engineer.

5.The Guardian:
This breed of engineer will do all it can in its power to protect the entire engineering species. Born to stand and defend the reputation and pride of engineers everywhere. Often supportive of older methods and thought being incorporated into modern approaches, they are a great resource for background knowledge. An example of this breed is the one person you can’t argue with or have a conflicting opinion about Steve Jobs any other famous and impactful engineer!

Do you know of more types? Tell us!


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