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Education, if looked at beyond the conventional boundaries, forms the very essence of all our actions. What we talk, what we perceive, how we behave, is all through what we have learned or observed. Education forms the basis of one’s personality. Human is a social and emotional animal. He needs to communicate with others, understand other’s perception and express himself for living an appropriate and meaningful life. This all could be achieved by education. Education provides him knowledge, technique, skills, and information. It enables him to know his rights and duties towards his family, society and towards their motherland at larger. Education provokes the desire to advance for the achievements.

India is a socially and economically developing country. On the path of development, the country is facing many problems. One of the basic problems is that of education. India is a country with more than one billion people, and just one-third of them can read. The rapidly growing size of population, poverty, shortages of teachers, books and insufficient public funds to cover the education cost are some of the nation’s toughest challenges. This where the future of the country, ‘children’ are facing the basic problem. The rate of drop-outs is increasing ever since the poverty has come into the role. Poverty has proven to be the major reasons for the decreasing literacy rates. When earning a livelihood and taking care of the family members becomes a primary matter of concern, education becomes little or no chance of pursuance. For the underprivileged people in India, education is perceived as a high-priced luxury, and this negative outlook continues with every new generation.
When it comes to molding, children are the most susceptible to change. It is necessary to mold children to become a better citizen and know their duties towards their nation’s development. Education of children in India has become a fore-most concern. To deal with this serious issue, IIT KANPUR has stepped forward this year with EDUCATION as its primary concern of the social campaign conducted under TECHKRITI’17. This 23rd edition of Techkriti has taken an initiative to spread the awareness for education, mainly to the underprivileged section of the country. This year as a part of the social initiative and outreach, it has launched “Helping Opportunities with Promoting Education”, popularly known as H.O.P.E.

To achieve this, the first step taken was a poster making competition. This competition was conducted for the children of class 1 to 10. It was organized in collaboration with ‘paryas’, a school run by IIT KANPUR for underprivileged children. Students who participated were from paryas. The main motive behind this competition was to bring out the thoughts of the children through drawing. Another motive was to encourage the talents of the children with fewer opportunities.
Secondly, a road trip is going to be organized in around 8 cities near Kanpur. This will be held from _________________ . This includes educational sessions in schools for underprivileged. In these sessions, the students will be knowing about the modern education techniques through presentations. Science workshops will highlight some fundamental aspect of science. The main aim is to create awareness among the children and inculcate in them the urge to get educated. Another aim of this workshop would be to kindle scientific temperament and critical thinking. To pass the message to the larger number, a marathon run is also being conducted. It will be taking place in the first week of January. This marathon will be run for awareness of the importance of education in lives. Apart from education, agricultural innovation and social entrepreneurialism will be other issues raised.
Apart from these initiatives, zonals are going to be held. (time when and which cities they will be conducted). Along with technical workshops, events will also be organized under these zonals. The winners of these events will be invited to IIT KANPUR for next round. For the awareness purpose, the students of the respective cities will be getting a petition signed by numerous people, supporting the awareness of education for underprivileged. In addition to this, ‘vastra yogdan’, a colth collection drive is also being conducted.
Education is the game changer. Education is the tool which can alone inculcate national and cultural values. Education expands their vision and outlook. Education is only meant by which poverty in the country can be eradicated. Education is thus a means to stir up the consciousness of the people against injustice, violence, and disparity generally resulting in unrest and violence. Just as a face is the mirror to the heart of the person, the level of education reflects the status of a nation. Hence to rape the real fruits of growth and achievement of the country, the issue of education should be dealt be seriousness.


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