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Looking for Admission Leads? Do you want to Increase Placement? Get connected with your Alumni network to improve admissions in your College among Indian Students

Every college’s one of the best strength is their Alumni Network. Alumni can help their college to increase admissions as well as they can directly help in bringing more companies for campus placements.

But the question is you connected to your one the best strength,your Alumni Network?

We , AlmaMapper is India’s largest student & alumni platform with more than 500,000 registered users. Used as a Business Enabler Tool by various Colleges for their Admission, Placements & Alumni Management needs. AlmaMapper ecosystem can be divided into 3 segments of Colleges, Teachers and Students with various benefits for all of them.

For College, AlmaMapper functions as a Campus Business Enabler Tool, helping campuses to seamlessly manage many of it's functional bodies. To Campuses, AlmaMapper provides the following benefits: 

1> Alumni Management System: 

 We collate the alumni data spread across the Internet and arrange it batch-wise into the Alumni Section of your Campus.

 The Campus Administrator also gets the information with regard to where their alumni are currently based, which companies they are working for and their current job designation.

 Alumni can communicate batch-wise or with the entire Alumni Group.

 Alumni also gets to connect back and keep itself updated of all the activities happening within their Alma Mater.

 The Admin has an option to download the entire Alumni Data and keep it for record purposes.

2> Announcement Channel: 

 AlmaMapper App helps you stay connected with your Students and Alumni.

 Helps students stay connected with the campus as well as their campus mates.

3> Leads for Admissions: 

 Based on the various search results on AlmaMapper, we share Admission Leads with our

Associated Campuses.

 AlmaMapper is a tool for Campuses to Promote and Reach out to it's intended audience.

 We generate a Free e-Brochure for your campus and send it across to all your

prospective students and also put it on your website

4> 3D Walkthrough of the Campus (360 Degree Campus Tour): 

 We create a 360 Degree Campus Tour for Associated Campuses which is shared on your campus page and website.

 Prospective Students and Alumni can get a 3D Virtual Walk-Through of the Campus giving them a more connected feel of the Campus.

5> Online Branding and Promotions: 

 Showcasing all the Events of your Campus, Selling Tickets, Uploading unlimited Photos and Videos of your Campus, Promoting all latest News & Updates of your Campus.

 AlmaMapper helps Campus connect with its Audience with absolute ease.

6> Global Digital Footprint: 

 AlmaMapper is a global platform helping Institutions help their brand to be promoted globally. 

 Facilitating Campuses with international collaborations with other campuses active on


 AlmaMapper is a tool that also helps International students to connect with the Campus with ease.

We have created a Landing Page for your campus on AlmaMapper. Sign up your college @


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