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How to find your First IT Job as a Fresher in Pune?

Pune is called as ” Oxford of the East " as the city has a rich legacy in education from good old times.
The city has renowned education institutions including Top Colleges and Training Institutes and multinational companies (MNCs). As a result Job seekers across the country get attracted to the city. The city is also considered one of the safest cities in India for women and youngsters alike. The city has world class SEZ centres, IT parks along with a renowned MIDC (Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation) where lot of manufacturing companies are having huge set ups. For these reasons, every year thousands of people move to Pune to find their dream Job and work here.

When it comes to Freshers or students looking for their first job especially from computer /IT engineering background , Pune is one of the best destination to find job and work. The city is flooded with job seekers majorly fresher candidates who come to Pune from different locations across the country to find their first job. At the same time, there are also few students looking for the right opportunities , to kick-start their career after finishing their education from various parts of the country. But unfortunately they are unable to get the right support and guidance and hence get lost in the vicious cycle of finding right job.
So what sources a students is having to find a their first IT Job in Pune ?

There are various traditional sources like Job portals, Consultancies, References, direct walk-ins events & Training Institutes.

When it comes to Job portals, the companies usually get large number of application on posting job opening on various portals.
Because of the availability of a large pool of talent, the companies try to shortlist candidates on various selection criteria. The most important selection criteria being the academic percentage. Unfortunately in this process companies gets only those students who have scored well in university exams but not the ones who possess good skill or knowledge which is required for the job. As a result it turns out to be a not so optimum process for either companies to acquire the right talent or candidates to find the most suitable job .

Apart from the job portals, there are many job consultancies who promise job opportunities to students. They work on the basis of charging some fees to students. However there have been a lot of cases of fraud in such cases where the students have been charged huge fees on the promise of a job and have not got one.

Many students have become victims in this case as a majority of them are coming from some other city, so they do not have any references or point of contact in the city to get a job. So either they have to contact these job consultancies or go through the entire process of direct walk-in events where they don't event get a chance to appear for recruitment process even after standing long queues for whole day .

So the last option, that the students are left with are the Training Institutes. There are some good training institutes in the city who provide knowledge as well as placement assistance to students and so many companies prefer to hire candidates who are having additional knowledge or Industry oriented knowledge from these Training Institutes. As a result joining a training institute and learning a specific course or a skill set is one the best option for freshers looking for their first IT job in Pune. This process also helps them to meet expectations of companies as after going through a training course.

These institutes offers various courses like Software Testing, Java, PHP, Angular JS, Hadoop and Selenium and the syllabus is totally industry oriented taught by working professionals from the industry.

In short, there are various sources to find your first job but If you are looking for the right job, to kickstart your career, you need to have excellent knowledge and you should get right and good job opportunities also.


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