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Top 10 HR Associations of India

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1) NHRDN (National HRD Network)

This organization was established over 28 years ago, NHRDN is a completely self-run, autonomous and a professionally administered body. It has played the role of a catalyst in preparing the Industry Leaders. The organization has over 14,000 members who are a part of various MNCs, Government organizations, Small and Medium Enterprises as well as NGOs which is organized across 30 chapters in India. This body serves as a reference point for other similar HR organizations across the country

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2) SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management)

SHRM India is the Indian subsidiary of world’s largest non-profit professional human resource association. Organization has over 300,000 members in 175 countries and it provides support to the global HR community through continuous certifications, collaborations, industry data resources & research, development opportunities, academic associations and consultative services.

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3) HR Sangam

This organization started in 2008 as a meeting point for the HR experts across the country. Since then the concept has picked up and the body has been organizing regular meet ups for the HR professionals across the country. Till date the organization has conducted over 130 events and has received support from over 7000 professionals from 2000+ companies.

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4) HRAI (The Human Resource Association India)

HRAI is an association of 24000+ human resource professionals in India. This body develops professionals through regular seminars and workshops. They also provide opportunities to contribute to each other within the HR community through their platform.

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The goal of this community is to constantly certify HR professionals with current and best industry practices. They provide value to the HR through knowledge transfer sessions so as to shape their career path by and improve their standing in the market. The network has close to 250,000 professionals all over the world.

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6) The HR Club

This an informal network of over 40,000 HR professionals. The main aim of this club is to provide thought leadership to the HR community and build capability of the Indian HR domain.

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7) IHRIM (International Association for Human Resource Information Management)

This organization is one of the oldest community of the HR professionals and it started in 1980. This global body has been the pioneering membership platform for HR leaders and has been offering an one of its kind community that combines education, cooperation and certifications for career enhancement.

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8) CUPA (College and University Professional Association for Human Resources)

The body provides opportunities for its members to come together and share ideas and information. They do so by organizing workshops and seminars, and also through various publications. Their members are known by the name of CUPA-HR. This body comprises of more than 25,000 HR professionals and other campus leaders at over 2000 member organizations.

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The main objective of this body is to create open discussions across professional and personal lives of the HR leaders. They record insights that help the budding HR managers to grow and shape their career. They have been able to build a valuable knowledge base of such insights which is extremely useful to the entire HR community.

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10) CIPD Asia (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development)

CIPD is headquartered in Wimbledon, London, England with centers in the UK, Ireland, Middle East and Asia. This chapter is an association of choice for more than 145,000 members around the world. It is the only organization in the world that can provide Chartered status to any individual HR. Moreover their independent research reports and HR market insights does make them the most reputed consultant to governments and organizations across the world.

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