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5 Most Important Tips to Crack Any Job Interview

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1. Spend some time in researching about the Company, Job Profile and Interviewer

When you want to succeed in any job interview, you should have a complete understanding of the employer, the job requirements and even the information regarding the background of the interviewer. The more information gathered through secondary research will help you more in tackling the interview questions.
This information is usually available on the company’s website, LinkedIn page, Facebook, Quora, Wikipedia and other secondary sources available on the Internet.
It’s also important to browse the contacts within your network to check if they have any inside information about the company, which is not available in the public domain. Get more notes and other relevant study material about cracking the interview by following the classroom in the AlmaMapper library here-

2. Prepare your response in advance about the expected interview questions

Another important facet of interview preparation is by doing your homework right and prepare the answers to the expected questions in advance. This helps you in remaining calm during the interview and helps you perform better. This can be on the lines of preparing for either face-to-face interviews or group discussions. You can then compose your response in the form of a story or case study from your previous experience or prepare an account of how you would deal with the given scenario. This can include some information regarding your previous accomplishments so as to add more weight to your response and convince the interviewer. Also note that instead of memorizing these responses, you should remember these in the form of bullet points. Get more help here-

3. Dress appropriately for the interview

Its always important to know about the organization culture that you are interviewing for. This will help you in planning about the wardrobe that you would want to wear during your job interview. Also, the thumb rule about dressing for the job interview is that its always better to be “over-dressed” than be “under-dressed”. Also the most important rule is that the clothing should fit you well, should be clean and well pressed. You should refrain from wearing excessive accessories or jewelry of any kind. You should also refrain from smoking or eating right before the interview and even if you do, do ensure to use the mouth wash to remove any pungent smells.

4. Have pertinent queries for the Interviewer

Many research reports on the interviewing process have indicated that the employers have a very strong opinion about the fact that the interviewee should have some insightful questions to ask to the interviewing panel. This shows the interest level of the applicant in joining the organization and how serious they are about knowing the culture of the place that they are going to join. So even, if the interviewer is very thorough in explaining about the company and the job openings, still you should have some queries to ask the interviewing panel. This also shows that you have done your homework about the company. This practice usually leaves a lasting impression on the interviewer, opening the doors for a two-way communication and greatly enhances your chances of cracking the interview. For more information, check these articles:

5. Requirement of having a great Body Language

Even though what you say during your interview process in paramount, however still having a poor body language can severely dampen your chances of getting selected by the company. A bad language is the most distracting feature for an interviewing panel. Some of the most effective forms of body language include
A smile, careful listening, having the right posture, maintaining eye contact and so on. The negative body language traits include looking away, fiddling, moving hands, mumbling, bad sitting posture and so on. Its important to have the right balance of verbal communication and body language to impress the employer during your interview.


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