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If you are reading this it’s probably sure that you are a graduate in search of a job which will kick-start your career. Not just job let’s say an opportunity where you can learn and grow as an individual but also envisage sustainable future with exciting prospects. So far so good right? If it seems that much straightforward why very few manage to grab a perfect opportunity? Maybe not able to access right resources? Maybe not on the right platform? Or lacking some x-factor? It might be a combination of all which is resulting in you not getting hired.

Also, students are confused whose advice to follow because they are getting a lot of suggestions from relatives, seniors, teachers, that it becomes difficult to process everything in a proper way. Few students blindly follow the suggestions and join consultancies just because someone else did. You need to understand one thing that just because something has worked for someone doesn’t mean it will work for you. Every individual should have thorough planning after considering all aspects.

We’ll enlist a few simple things to follow which will make it a lot easier for you to pursue your career in your respective area of expertise.
• Precise planning and strategizing the available options
First, do an in-depth research of the available mediums which will assist you in taking closer to your job. Try to know about various walk-ins conducted by companies or the institute who arrange them. If you are looking to acquire some niche skills find suitable training institute regarding the same and develop an edge over your competitors. Set goals and prioritize the tasks.
• SWOT Analysis
Once you find the opportunities it is necessary to do the detailed self-analysis. SWOT analysis refers to the candidate’s Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threat. An individual must know what are his strengths and accordingly explore those areas. Weaknesses should be identified and as a student, you should try and improve on them. Similarly, explore relevant opportunities and avoid making wrong career choices which may be a threat to your professional life.
• Understand the Job Profile
Whenever going through a particular job description understand what the employer is expecting from you and required skills and abilities for that position. Research about the complementary skills and the kind of assessments required to clear for that position.

• Core study
Study the previous placement papers of the company you wish to apply. Go through the previous year questions and practice mock test and online assessment. Solve analytical problems and test case scenarios. See in which areas you are lacking and practice more on those similar things.
• Professional Networking
Connect with company HRs through the Linekdin profile and follow their Facebook pages. Enroll yourself in value-added programs and webinars. Join job-related groups and take proper follow up on the related events and pool campuses.
• Research about company
It is very necessary and gives a good impression to the employer when you are well equipped with the company details and about their current projects and technology domain, they are working. Have a brief info about the services they offer and people holding managerial positions.
• Feedback & Queries
One good trait to follow to follow is always ask the interviewer for feedback. It will help you in knowing where you lack and what are the aspects which require further improvement. Also, have some questions of your own like how their working culture is and what is their approach to the deadline-oriented environment. It will make the interviewer feel you are enthusiastic to join the association.

Here are few websites which will be helpful in preparing for interviews

• (Knowledge sharing and alumni networking platform)
• (For beginners very good)
• (Specially for web development)
• (Conceptual clarity)
• (Interview process and questions and company reviews)
• (Extensively for placement and interview preparation)
• (For mock practice assessment and feedback)
• (Company wise interview questions)
• (Detailed knowledge regarding computer science)


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