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Tap your Alumni Asset through!
Tap your Alumni Asset through!

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Any fruitful relationship depends upon how two people or the involved bodies nurture the contact. Can you remember when was the last time you were in touch with all your graduation buddies and your teachers? It may seem as the distant memory how you all promised to stay in touch but got lost in your own priorities. And now wonder if there is some way you could reconnect again and create those memories back? It is really important that individuals especially students stay connected through their college after they become alumni. This is where alumni management system comes into the picture. This not only helps in developing cordial relationship but proves helpful in all spheres of life. We at AlmaMapper helps colleges and alumi connect seamlessly. Here are few benefits of alumni network which will be provided by us.

➢ Professional Network
Alumni management system is responsible for building a very strong and diversified professional network. Alumnus working in different sectors in collaboration with MNCs help in building corporate rapport and juniors can benefit a lot. We have campus outreach with over 150+ colleges and strong presence in 14+ states across India. We have corporate tie-ups with over 300+ companies including ZS associates, Capgemini, Wipro, KPIT, 3DPLM, TCS and many more.

➢ Updates & Announcements
If there is an event or a webinar or something else where you need to reach to a lot of people. AlmaMapper will help you to communicate the updates and info in a very simple and organized way. Development programs can be organized and your alumni can be invited for more appeal. Professional meet ups for alumni can be organized through our platform.

➢ New Admissions
Managing the admission process every year manually through registration camp is hectic and time consuming. With the help of alumni management system you can go digital and everything will be taken care of for you. Also, digital brochures and admission process and form filling process can be explained through video.

➢ Leisure Activities
We provide online library with thousands of notes, videos & courses. Many a times college can also organize some leisure activities like “book festival”, “food carnival”, “sports meet”, “social campaigns”, “music concerts” and event hosting and brand marketing gets easily done if your alumnus network is strong. Also, special discount offers for alumni on movie tickets, e-shopping and range of other things. You can manage all this on our platform and also mart option is provided for E-commerce giants.

➢ Assisting juniors in getting jobs & internships
Final year graduates looking for good jobs and internships can get help from college alumni and proper guidance can be provided through professional medium. Large pool of resources can be created in the form of notes, videos and tutorials to learn and improve. Ultimately AlmaMapper will help you in this endeavour.

➢ 360 degree campus view
Think you are trying to get yourself enrolled in a new college and don’t have time to practically go there and visit the campus and see the infrastructure and sports facilities provided by that college. AlmaMapper will provide you exclusive 360 degree view of the college and take you on a virtual visit.


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