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Life in a Government Job

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There is constant increase in the number of people opting for government jobs. Day by day the competition for places in government jobs is getting intensified. Government has also made it a lot tougher for aspirants to crack the exam. There are many reasons why people go for it. Here are few privileges of being a government employee.

• Flexible work timing
In government sector you are not asked for overtime as is the case for private sector. The mandatory 8 hours are the only working hours and government employees don’t need to check mails and calls from work. The schedule is bit less hectic as compared to private where you’ve to put long working hours and reply to client and company mails even at midnight.

• Pension security for future
The biggest benefit is you don’t need to always worry and look over your shoulder for future savings. Even after retirement you will get pension whole life and you don’t need to be dependent on anyone. On contrary in private sector you need to do a lot of savings even if you are highly paid and the moment you leave the job there is no future security.

• Holidays
It is well known fact that people in government sector you get holiday for every national event and other festive days as per the norms. Also, alternate Saturdays are off. In private industry you barely get 8-10 holidays whole year since there is no fix rule of holiday on every occasion. Also, when deadlines and targets are to be met you can be sure to be working even on week offs.

• Loans at negligible rates
Another added incentive is of securing loans at very nominal rate of interest for being a government employee. In India people spend a lot on housing loans and it is taxing for private sector people. Many types of allowances are there to avail for government employees.

• Medical reimbursement
You can be assured of total medical cost benefits not just for you but your family too. This is big positive help and we should acknowledge it since people have to spend lakhs of rupees nowadays for medical expenditure. It gives sense of security and your life is in safe hands. In private industry medical compensation is pretty less and not that good as in government sector.

Having said above things I don’t mean to compare and demean other sector. The views are merely an attempt to shed some light on why people are opting more for government job. There are pros and cons of government sector too just like private one. It is totally an individual perspective regarding which one is better for you.



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