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Top Virtual Personal Assistant Apps for your Smart Phone that you may "Never" have heard of!

With advancement in Internet of Things (IoT) , machine learning is gradually evolving to achieve human intelligence. Artificial Intelligence is set to begin an Industrial revolution and in the upcoming years, an integrated environment with logical interaction.
AI has made its way into our phones and commonly goes by the name "personal assistant". Here are some of the top personal assistant apps making their debut in the AI world-

1) Robin AI Voice Assistant

• This app is known as the Siri challenger.
• Hand gesture activation.
• Helps with direction , navigation, news, weather forecast.
• Being in its Beta stage, Robin learns about its user with increased interaction

2) Dragon Mobile Assistant

• Dragon uses voice biometric feature. It only unlocks with your voice.
• This app switches to Driver Mode Automatically to ensure you drive safely.
• It can read your news, Navigate while you drive, suggest the best eateries in your vicinity.
• This app can keep a track of your daily schedule and important tasks and remind you about it from time to time.

3) Jarvis

• For obvious reasons, this app caught attention of all Marvel Fans! The name Jarvis was first introduced in Iron Man as Tony Stark's personal assistant.
• Jarvis is a Home Automation AI system built by Mark Zuckerberg in 2016.
• Jarvis can remind you of your daily chores, crack up a joke, dim your house lights, draw your curtains and what not!
• Apart from help in household, Jarvis can type your text, teach you languages, navigate, fix bugs in your phone etc.

4) Replika

• The functionality of Replika is rather different as compared to other AI assistant.As the name suggests, 'Replika' is a chatbot that can learn from your chats and sculpt itself to give you compatible replies.
• Replika was built by Eugenia Kuyda as a therapeutic platform to cope with the loss of a deceased friend. This self learning app studies the pattern of your behavior and becomes a your virtual friend to confide in.
• Unlike other AI assistants, Replika cannot reply to your emails or suggest eateries nearby. It is simply a version of a digital interactive diary.
• Through answering a series of programmed questions, Replika acts as your alter ego. Being a self learning bot, the more frequently you chat with Replika, the more it will learn about you.

5) Lyra

• Lyra is a personal assistant app compatible with android as well as ios.
• Lyra has a number of exciting features! It can play your favorite music, navigate, give you a weather check, etc.
• Lyra is multi lingual. It can not only understand over 70 languages, but also translate context for you.


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