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Top Virtual Personal Assistant Apps for your Smart Phone that you may "Never" have heard of!

With advancement in Internet of Things (IoT) , machine learning is gradually evolving to achieve human intelligence. Artificial Intelligence is set to begin an Industrial revolution and in the upcoming years, an integrated environment with logical interaction.
AI has made its way into our phones and commonly goes by the name "personal assistant". Here are some of the top personal assistant apps making their debut in the AI world-

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Importance of developing Communication Skills for Freshers

A considerable lot of us grow up suspecting that insofar as we are great at our technical skill sets, nothing else matters. Until – we take up our first employments and understand that work environments include such a large number of more abilities. This article is around one such basic expertise – Communication.

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Where should a Fresher look for Jobs?

If you are 0 to 2 Years Pass Out Graduate No need to fret about the long walking queues or spend exorbitant amount of money on the Training Institutes who promise jobs.

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Job Hoppers: The grass looks greener on this side!

Job Jumpers are individuals who have a reputation of switching from one job to another very frequently. They might work in the organization for not more than 8 months. This trend is mushrooming among millennials. Employees are job hopping more every now and again than past eras.
They are usually blacklisted by the conservative HR departments as they seem to be the escapists. Someone who would lack stability and commitment. The truth could be substantially more extraordinary.
Hiring a job hopper can be beneficial for the employer as well as the employee.