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5 Types of Engineers!
Engineers are a strange breed! Good thing is that we have a list for the kinds that you are likely to find in your college/workplace!

1.The Antisocial:

– This common breed of engineer tends to keep to him or herself and is rarely seen outside of the academic or work environment. When confronted in ...

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Types of Procrastinators

Research suggests that 85% of college students procrastinate, especially when it has to do with their course work. In fact procrastination is something that everyone struggles with. We say you should blame it on Science. Procrastination is a battle between our limbic system (the unconscious and automatic part of the brain that makes you pull ...

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Breeds of Romantic Partners!
Let’s go back to all those disastrous relationships and thank God for having moved on or found ‘the’ one! AlmaMapper lists down 8 breeds of romantic partners that most of us have had at some point of our lives.

1) Possessive Peck:.

They are super suspicious and super curious. Their stalking tendencies know no ...

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11 Things to do after your boards!

When the ink on the last exam paper finally dries, you know it's time to bid farewell to those deadly checklists, revision notes, textbooks and all those practice modules that have been haunting you for a long time now. It is the time every student looks forward to. With your board exams soon to ...

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11 types of people we find in an exam hall!

No matter how stressful or easy the exam might seem, it is natural to get distracted and have a good laugh when we come across these 11 types of people in the examination hall.

1.The Late comers

They typically arrive several minutes after the question papers have been distributed and come up with the ...

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Boards ahoy!

Come March, and the air is abuzz with the hustle bustle of board exams! While last minute revisions are on, this is the time when even the forever last bencher suddenly becomes a no-nonsense studious brat, hoarding reference books and sample question papers. Here are some of the ‘oh so relatable’ situations every board examinee ...

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Carve your Career!

Are you a creative person with an eye for detail? Do you have the love and appreciation for art? Make your ideas come to life in a three dimensional form with a degree in sculpture. Sculptures are some of the hardest yet beautiful art forms to create. It takes incredible skill, attention to detail, and ...

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Lights Camera Career!

“Theatres are curious places, magician's trick-boxes where the golden memories of dramatic triumphs linger like nostalgic ghosts, and where the unexplainable, the fantastic, the tragic, the comic and the absurd are routine occurrences on and off the stage. Murders, mayhem, political intrigue, lucrative business, secret assignations, and of course, dinner.”
-E. A Bucchianeri

If ...