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Course Name : The Complete Apple Watch Developer Course - Build 14 Apps


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Course DescriptionFrom the creator of The Complete Web Developer Course (Udemy's biggest-selling and best-rated course of all time), comesThe Complete Apple Watch Developer Course.In November 2014, when Apple unleashed the WatchKit Software Tool for the Apple Watch, it opened up a vast, untapped sea of amazing new opportunities for people just like you!Whether you're a novice or an experienced coder, you now have access tolimitless, cash-earning possibilities, developing apps for this lucrative new ecosystem.Fact: The Apple Watch is THE big new platform of 2015, withsales projected to soarwell over 24 million.Don't get left behind, NOW is the perfect time to jump on the bandwagon!Are you ready to cash in?I developed The Complete Apple Watch Developer Course precisely to equip you with EVERYTHING you need to take advantage of themushrooming Apple Watch craze. (Later on, I'll explain how absolutely ANYONE can benefit!)As well as an easy to follow, clearly explained set of videos and code samples, you'll get the following extras:One year's unlimited web hostingon Eco Web Hosting's Advanced package (worth over $100)Over1,000 exclusive visual assetsspecifically design for this course to make your apps look stunning (worth $500)A copy of my 5-star rated (on Amazon) bookHow to Earn $10,000 Dollars While Learning To CodeAs you know, app developing can beextremely profitable(and fun!). All you need is the knowhow and a bit of imagination.The course covers all aspects of the WatchKit SDK, including glances, notifications, app architecture, APIs, interface elements, and more advanced topics.My aim is simple. To instil in you a deep level of knowledge to put youstreets ahead of the competition. So once complete, you'll be primed and ready to let your creative ideas run free, tapping into a rich source of Apple Watch fans,hungry for your apps.Whether you're completely new to coding or a jedi master, I've carefully designed thisresults-oriented courseto suit all knowledge bases.And, as with all my courses, I'll take you from scratch to creating a finished product. In this case, that's 14 highly functional apps for the Apple Watch.You'll begin by learning how to download Xcode, while I introduce you to key programming basics. In just a few hours, you'll besoaring through the course, moving quickly on to making real apps and games, including location-based apps, bluetooth and chat apps.Hard to believe?I know it's hard to believe, but in just over20 hours of entertaining, hands-on videolessons delivered in clear, easy-to-understand English, you'll be afully qualified, confidentApple Watch developer. I guarantee it!Why am I so confident?My course is the first of its kind on Udemy and I'm confident you're going to love it. Why? Because I'm the creator of The Complete Web Developer Course (out of over 20,000 courses, it's thebest-selling and best-ratedUdemy course of all time!) and The Complete iOS Developer Course (which is quickly catching up!).Using the experience I've gained from over94,000 course salesand feedback from over3,500 five-star reviews, I've put together a truly comprehensive, user-friendly course for the Apple Watch – in fact, I think it's my best yet!I really hope you'll be the next person to begin your own exciting journey into the profitable world of app development. Sign up today, because what've you got to lose?What do you get with the course?As many of my happy course attendees will tell you, I want you to get the very best out of this learning experience. Which is why you'll get ahost of useful extras to maximise your coding journeyand help you get started right away.So, with this course you'll get:·Well over 20 hours of fun, practical, video lessons explaining from scratch how to make great and highly functional apps for Apple Watch.·Video guides on how to make a beautiful companion website to market your apps·One year's free web hosting on the unlimited Advanced Package, with my highly rated web hosting company, Eco Web Hosting to host your websites (worth $200)·A collection of over 1,000 graphical assets (worth $300) to make your apps look awesome.·A free copy of my book How To Make $10,000 While Learning To CodeWho is this for?This course is designed for ANYONE with an interest in app development. It really is that simple!Swift is a fantastic language to learn how to code with, enabling you to make production-quality apps for the App Store using only FREE software!Just like my web and app developer courses, this is a full course that will take a complete beginner to cash-earning expert in just 20 hours.Want to learn how to code AND make money?Check out what thousands of others have been saying about my online courses and how it's changed their lives. Don't be the one to miss out!So whether you're looking for a little extra cash on the side or a completely fresh start and a new career, you've come to the right place!How is this course different to others?·You'll get full lifetime access (including video downloads) for a single one-off fee·I am a qualified and experienced teacher, able to explain complex concepts clearly and in an entertaining way (learning should be fun right!)·As you've seen, I've already produced two best-selling, highly rated and extremely effective courses in web and app development·The course is project-based, and I promise there are no dry programming concepts here! You'll learn by doing (the best way) and apply them immediately to make real appsWhat are the requirements?·A PC or Mac·NO programming knowledge required!What am I going to get from this course?· Over 140 lectures and 16 hours of content!· Build apps for Apple Watch· Know how to code apps in Swift· Learn all programming basics· Be ready to move on to iPhone/iPad Development

What am I going to get from this course?

Build apps for Apple WatchKnow how to code apps in SwiftLearn all programming basicsBe ready to move on to iPhone/iPad Development

What are the requirements?

NO programming knowledge required!A Mac, or a PC running OSXA paid Apple Developer Account is NOT required

What is the target audience?

Anyone who wants to learn to codeProgrammers who want to expand their skills and learn Apple Watch developmentAnyone who wants to become an app developer

Instructor Biography

Rob Percival

Web Developer And Teacher