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Course Name : Ionic by Example: Create Mobile Apps in HTML5


About This Course


Course Description

Course DescriptionLearnIonic, the best way currently available todevelop mobile apps in HTML5.Covers Ionic v1.x. Last updated: January 2016.You're familiar with web development (HTML/CSS/JavaScript) and would like to build mobile apps, but don't fancy having to learn Objective C and/or Swift for iOS, Java for Android, etc. Or maybe you've tried developing apps the "native" way only to realize that it's a huge pain and you end up duplicating the same codebase in a different language for each platform.If that's you then you should seriously consider hybrid cross-platform mobile development. Built on top ofApache Cordova(the open source project underlying PhoneGap) andAngularJS,Ioniclets youdevelop mobile apps inHTML, CSS, and JavaScript, while providing anative look and feelon each supported platform.This course will provide you with all the knowledge necessary to start developing your own apps using Ionic, by taking a hands-on "by example" approach. It will walk you through the creation oftwo complete apps, as well as providemany more smaller examplesillustrating various Ionic features and development practices.Included with this course you get access to the source code for each example and for each step.

What am I going to get from this course?

Develop complete mobile apps in HTML5Use the Ionic CSS and JavaScript ComponentsUse Cordova plugins to access native APIs (e.g. Camera)Build and run your apps in Android and iOS

What are the requirements?

Computer running Windows, Mac, or Linux (Mac needed to package iOS apps)Knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScriptKnowledge of AngularJS advantageous but not essentialSome familiarity with command line interfaces advantageous

What is the target audience?

Web developers that want to build mobile apps

Instructor Biography

Mirko Nasato

Software Developer and Mentor