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Online Courses Details
Online Courses Details

Employers around the world are increasingly accepting online courses including diplomas and degrees. Surveys and statistics show that with the growth of internet in India, and availability of low-cost devices, online learning portals are witnessing a widespread adoption.

Let us consider the case of a student named Chinmaya Samal, reported by First Post:

Samal comes from a remote village; after failing to get enough grades at school, settled to study IT. He was not happy with the experience, it was far less than he expected. A year later, he opted for Coursera’s Financial Aid program where he specialized in Android Programming.Months later Samar won a summer internship at Vanderbilt University, in the U.S. Presently, Samal is creating mobile tools for social good, including an app that will help issue Amber Alerts for missing children via social networks.

An online survey attended by 52,000 Coursera learners from across the globe, agreed that their online courses gave them career and educational benefits, after taking up the course.

Take a look at the graph below:

Education portal WizIQ explains how online learning has impacted students in India. The study says that there is a changing Role of Students who take up Online Education.

  • Students feel that they are able to construct ‘their own’ knowledge about a subject, something that could not have happened in a classroom environment.

  • Ability to memorize facts and basics easily, and excelling in complicated problem-solving skills.

  • Students have changed from learning from a single source. They collaborate with other students on group projects; this has raised their skills in their subjects and area of interest.

  • Students have started ‘looking out’ of prescribed textbooks, since they have access to many other similar resources and reference texts.

Reasons To Consider A Career With Online Degree

A study by Career with Online Degree reveals that people who pursue online degrees saved up on their finances. By taking up private coaching classes costing $80,000 (a year), living costs came up to $160,000. While an online degree costing $30,000, resulted in a zero living cost.

A meta-analysis of 50 study found that students who take up online learning perform better, on average, than those learning the same material through traditional classrooms.

The following graph shows the acceptability of Online Graduates in different career points:

Here is what CEOs and HR Professionals have to say about candidates with online degrees:

Some Notable Online Courses

Google, in coordination with online education company Udacity launched IT courses in India. The pair teamed up with Tata to offer online technical training courses on training software developers to build apps for Android. The courses ranging from 6 to 9 months, cost Rs 9,800 a month. The lessons are taught by Google instructors based in the United States. Students will get 50 per cent of tuition costs back on graduation.

U18 offers online courses by tying up with Don Bosco University and University of Mysore. The online portal offers MBAs, and Bachelor degrees across several streams.  The National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL), an initiative of the Ministry of HRD, Govt of India , has also funded the development of a number of courses that are available on YouTube and the Web


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