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 A Passport to Careers in Travel and Tourism

Travel and Tourism is one of the world’s largest foreign exchange earner among industries. It provides employment directly to millions of people worldwide and indirectly through many associated service industries. This forecasts a bright future for all those who choose to make a career of travel and tourism. Young people with drive and a capacity for hard work can rise to top positions very quickly in travel and tourism or even head their own agencies after they complete their degree in travel and tourism.

The following are courses offered in the field of travel and tourism.

•B.T.A (bachelor of tourism administration)
•M.T.A (master of tourism administration)
•B.A (Hons) (travel and tourism)
•M.T.A (travel and tourism)

Here's a list of top 7 colleges in India that offer bachelor's/master's degree in travel and tourism-

1.Advanced Institute of Management - AIM New Delhi

Advanced Institute of Management (AIM), New Delhi provides regular & distance courses through various UGC, DEC (IGNOU, New Delhi), AICTE & MHRD (Government of India) approved universities. Advanced institute of management is one of the premier institutes in Delhi with largest network of students through its modern approach of learning. AIM is running under Indian Educational & Health Awareness Mission and is an ISO 9001:2008 certified institute. AIM has been providing world-class distance education to thousands of students and working professionals across India.

2.Amity Institute of Travel and Tourism, Noida

Amity Institute of Travel & Tourism (AITT), is the only Institute awarded with UNWTO TedQual Certification in India. It is established to provide good travel & tourism management education to its students. AITT is an ISO 9001-14001 certified institution and strictly follows the ISO standards and processes to ensure quality in management. The institute conducts bachelor and master’s degree programme in travel and tourism management under the Amity University, Uttar Pradesh, Noida.

3.Goodwill College, Firozabad

GoodWill College was established in September 2006. Keeping up with the spirit of open university system and in accordance with national policy of education, which lays emphasis on continuing better education, the GoodWill College is providing quality education in rural and urban areas. Their education programme is being revamped and a lot of progressive moves to modernize the mode of teaching. It offers bachelor's and master's degree in tourism administration.

4.ITM University, Gwalior

ITM University is a multidisciplinary university based in Gwalior, India.
The University was established by the Act of State Legislature Madhya Pradesh
Students get to expose themselves to the best of Indian & international artists apart from the great academic facilities that the university offers. It offers bachelor's degree in travel and tourism.

5.Martin Luther Christian University, Shillong

Martin Luther Christian University was established in July 2005. The university is named after Martin Luther (1483–1546), the father of reformation, the first Christian leader to promote higher education for the general populace. MLCU is the first full-fledged Christian University in India, the capstone to more than two centuries of Christian education in this country. It offers bachelor's and master's degree in travel and tourism.

6.Bundelkhand University, Jhansi

Bundelkhand University is a Public State University based in Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh, India. Founded in 1975, it has professional, technical and vocational study programmes along with facilities for research. The University is a member of Association of Indian Universities(AIU), international Association Universities(IAU),Association of commonwealth universities (ACU). The university is accredited by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council India(NAAC). Bundelkhand University has been rated as the best university by the State Government of Uttar Pradesh, India. It offers bachelor's degree in travel and tourism.

7.Goa University

Goa University was established under the Goa University Act of 1984 and commenced operations on 1 June 1985. The university provides higher education in the Indian state of Goa.
Since 1985 Goa University offers graduate and postgraduate studies and research programmes. It is currently (2014) accredited to the NAAC (National Assessment and Accreditation Council) in India with a rating of four stars. It is located on the Taleigao Plateau. It offers bachelor's degree in travel and tourism.

What can you do with a degree in travel and tourism?

The following are the jobs one can choose after a successful completion of degree in travel and tourism.

Jobs directly related to your degree include:

•Holiday representative
•Tour manager
•Tourism officer
•Tourist information centre manager
•Travel agency manager

Jobs where your degree would be useful include:

•Customer service manager
•Event organiser
•Hotel manager
•Marketing executive
•Outdoor activities/education manager

The travel and tourism sector comprises many different industries and sub-industries, including services such as retail travel, currency exchange, tour operators and tourist boards. Around three-quarters of travel and tourism graduates are in employment six months after finishing their course. A large number are working within the industry as holiday representatives, travel agency workers, tour guides and general travel administrators.

The travel and tourism industry is a huge part of our economy. Tourism in India has the potential to promote fastest and sustainable growth. It is one of the best career choices to make if you are adventurous and looking for a promising career.


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