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AlmaMapper Technologies creates solutions to solve everyday problems of the Students and Colleges with the efficient use of technology.

AlmaMapper is India’s largest student & alumni platform with more than 500,000 registered users. Used as a Business Enabler Tool by more than 150 Colleges for their Admission, Placements & Alumni Management needs. Trusted by more than 500 companies for their campus recruitments.






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  • For Students

    AlmaMapper is a utility and a discovery platform for students and colleges. Anything that a student needs is available at a click on AlmaMapper.

    • It helps students discover campuses based on their areas of interest. They get unlimited, free access to campuses across the globe and get to know what is trending in Campuses.
    • The platform provides a facility for students to connect with fellow students and alumni from any college.
    • AlmaMapper helps students in preparing for their exams with an open and free library filled with notes, online and offline courses, videos & projects.
    • AlmaMapper is the most efficient campus event management tool available to students. Students can search for events near them, sell tickets for their campus events and perform branding and promotion activities.
    • Jobs module assists the students to find relevant jobs and internships as per their requirements with additional features like resume building, assessment tests and performance reports.
  • For Colleges

    For Colleges, AlmaMapper functions as a business enabler tool, helping them to seamlessly manage many of their functional bodies. The core benefits of this solution are:

    • Alumni Management System
    • Campus Branding & Promotion
    • 3D Walkthrough of the Campus
    • Online Branding and Advertisement
    • Online Report Generation and Analytics dashboard
    • Direct Admission Leads
  • Campus Industry Connect

    • Campus Industry Connect (CIC) is a service offering to conduct placement drives in colleges using our proprietary software solution.
    • As an associate member of Confederation of Indian Industries (CII), AlmaMapper helps in connecting the industry to the colleges.
    • CIC helps the companies in recruiting the best fresher talent from the colleges across the country even if they are remotely located.
    • Colleges in return get the access to companies, which may not directly visit their college for on campus placement.
    • This program helps colleges to engage with the industry, understand the needs of the market and enhance the placement results of their students.
  • Scout 360

    A complete recruitment automation solution for Companies that helps them to save up to 65% of their recruitment operational costs

    • Source and the best candidates from a large talent pool .
    • As an associate member of Confederation of Indian Industries (CII), AlmaMapper helps in connecting the industry to the colleges.
    • Conduct online assessment tests for various skill sets like aptitude, language and technical requirements of the job for experienced candidates.
    • Conduct Placement Drives in Colleges in Colleges for fresher students on a need basis.
    • Track and check the status of the recruitment process through a live Applicant Tracking System.

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